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Dear Readers

Perhaps you already noticed – if not, have a quick look at our front cover. From the issue 04/2013 the name of AT INTERNATIONAL is AT MINERAL PROCESSING with the addition EUROPE for our issue in two languages, and WORLDWIDE for the issue in English only but with the same contents, which is distributed worldwide five times a year outside Europe. Thus, we are going back to our roots because we think that AT MINERAL PROCESSING exactly describes the topics of our periodical, i.e. the “processing of minerals”. It means that we will keep the topic alignment despite the changed cover.

A detailed description of the comminution behaviour of limestone and quartz sands for the manufacture of the drymix mortar sands you will get in the article from page 74. AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH celebrate their 50th company anniversary. The managing directors tell in an interview what have been the essential factors that contributed to the success and growth of the company (from page 55). From page 31, several brief reports deal with very different current projects in the field of sand and gravel as well as comminution in our category Focus Industry.

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