Focus on sand and gravel

Dear Readers

Change of direction” is the promising headline of a market review by Dr. Joachim Harder (p. 46), OneStone ­Consulting Group GmbH, dealing with the topic of worldwide capacities and supplies (bottlenecks) concerning rare earths. The actual state of affairs is described in detail and the possible future scenario till 2015 is outlined.


Some articles of this issue deal with the main topic “Gravel and Sand”. In the technical article “Adaptable” (p. 62) the free-settling classifier AKOREL from AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH is presented. The technology described in the article makes it possible to flexibly adapt to varying qualities and changing requirements of the customers. Up to two kinds of controlled sands can be obtained.


The case study “Pinions instead of belts” (p. 68) referring to the Tau-based gravel plant of NorStone AS/Norway shows how it is possible to reduce maintenance and costs due to an alternative method of belt conveyor drives.


Gravel plant equipment of quite a different kind is described in the article “Dry footed through the gravel works” (p. 42), i.e. the correct footwear to overcome dry and without injuries the harsh everyday life in the open air.


The bulk solids industry cannot manage without automation - “Measure properly” (p. 56) shows what is important to avoid measuring errors. A tool to select the proper measure­ment solution is presented to the interested readers.


The POWTECH in Nuremberg is a highlight in October. On page 12 you will find a compact preview of this outstanding event.


I wish you enjoyable reading of the September issue of AT INTERNATIONAL!


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