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Dear Readers,

In the May issue we again addressed a bit more the fundamentals of mineral processing. Ore flotation is a very captivating topic. In the special article “Selective Separation, Part 1” (from p. 68) not only the theoretical fundamentals are described why flotation works at all, but also the historical development, e.g. of the flotation cells, is shown.

The article “Test Run” (from p. 46) describes how it is possible to produce a saleable product from waste – the best of all alternatives of recovery. The HAVER Friction-Clean was examined in a field test to clean difficultly soluble contaminations. For this purpose, material from a stockpile in the Dorste quarry of the company Rump & Salzmann was tested. The whiteness of the gypsum raw material could considerably be increased and a gypsum content of max. 39 % could be achieved.

The flowability is a very important parameter to characterize bulk solids. However, what is the right method for evaluation? Read the special article “Consider the Density” regarding this topic (from p. 54). In this article the various methods of calculation are tested and evaluated based on comprehensive laboratory tests.

Of course, you will also find a lot of practical examples from the fields of gravel & sand, screening and classifying as well as sorting under the category FOCUS INDUSTRY.

Wishing you enjoyable reading

Dr. Petra Strunk
Editor-in-chief of AT MINERAL PROCESSING


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