Fogging system for binding dust

terz GmbH, a German company based in Kirchberg/Hunsrück, manufactures Nebolex® environmental engineering systems: compact, field-proven atomization systems for dust suppression with water fog (Fig.) - a system beeing applied for example during the operation of crushers, when dust can be quickly reach and exceed load limits.

The Nebolex® environmental engineering system is modular in design, can be easily extended, and consists essentially of the following components: compressor, the control unit for optimum, demand-driven control of the complex system and the patented fog bars with integrated mist heads.

With the control unit, it is possible to control different sections of the installed system as required. This is particularly important and advantageous for larger installations as not all components need to be fogged simultaneously and continuously.  All relevant parameters, such as the amount of dust or the external temperature (risk of frost), can be monitored by the system so that it can respond as required. Control is possible by means of PLC, relay control or manual controller.

The fog bars either introduce the generated water fog directly into the material or generate a horizontal or vertical fog curtain. Clogging is avoided thanks to a large line cross-section through which the fog is discharged. It is therefore possible to use surface or tank water providing this is screened prior to use. With the multiple increase in the size of the water surface area, very low water consumption is achieved. This is often of huge importance for further processing of the material, e.g. cement production or lime processing.

When used in combination, the NEBOLEX® environmental engineering system ensures air pollution control in recycling, demolition and extraction operations as well as in industrial plants - method recognized by the Statutory Accident Insurance Body for the Raw Materials and Chemical Industries (BG-RCI), which also awarded it a prize, as an effective measure to meet the required limits for dust prevention.


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