Efficient Dust Control

The company terz GmbH with its headquarters in Kirchberg/Hunsrück region offers the patented product Nebolex® Umwelttechnik. This is a stationary or mobile spray system that runs reliably even during continuous operation. The water is atomized to very fine droplets by means of compressed air in self-priming spray heads using the stationary Nebolex® Umwelttechnik system. The larger total surface of the water thus formed enables the binding of essentially more dust particles swirling in the air and the reduction of dust formation to a minimum.

The performance range of Nebolex® Umwelttechnik ensures an individual complete solution in modular design. The lined spray strips with integrated spray heads, patented for each plant are arranged in a way that water vapor is generated exactly at the desired position (Fig.). It is possible to generate water vapor during an adjusted period of time via potential-free contacts, radio remote control or sensors.

The spray turbine Nebolex® Indoor with binary system is the latest technological development from Nebolex®. The spray turbine is manufactured for installation on hall ceilings or on vertical steel beams. It can be horizontally swiveled to the right and to the left. The angle of inclination can be adjusted and controlled by means of remote control. Thus, an extensive spray layer can be generated.

Eligibility for premiums is possible within the premium system of the BG RCI building materials, rock and associated products for investments in a Nebolex® plant.

At the SOLIDS 2015, the terz GmbH will present a functional model for dust control. In order to illustrate the mechanism of the original plant, visitors will have the opportunity to observe the dust binding process during bulk material processing.

Hall 6 – Stand R 35



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