Screen Efficiency Calculator

Free tool for calculating purity and yield

O‌perators can test how the selection of the screen cuts of the screening machine affects the results of the screening process. The new RHEWUM Screen Efficiency Calculator determines the respective purity and yield quickly and easily – without irritating formulas.

Every producer aims to extract the greatest possible quantity of his product from the feed quantity without sacrificing the high level of quality. So in the ideal case yield and purity should both be 100 %. But in practice, this is not technically possible and therefore testing is required to choose the right screen cut for the screening machine in order to extract a product with high yield and at the same maintaining the required purity.


The RHEWUM Screen Efficiency Calculator uses the grain size distribution of the feed material, the chosen screen cuts and also the efficiency of the used screening machine to calculate not only the yield and purity, but also the massflow of the different fractions and to show the amount and percentage of off-spec particles in the coarse fractions. In addition, the cumulative density (passage) as well as the density distribution are graphically displayed and colored to facilitate interpretation.


To get started, customers can choose one of the templates or enter individual feed grain distribution manually. Customers can use the SizeChecker in the RHEWUM app for a fast and free analysis of the feed material. By adding or deleting screen cuts or by adjusting the screen efficiency and the shift, it is possible to monitor the effect on the screen results in real-time.


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