Glück auf![1] – Large-format mining calendar for 2019

The new large-format mining calendar has arrived – accompanied this year by a highly practical MINI pocket mining note + appointment book!


This is the 26th edition of the Original Saxon Mining Calendar. Unique photographs of underground and surface scenes from the early mining history of the Erzgebirge range of eastern Germany adorn the calendar‘s twenty-six pages. On two full pages for each month, this excursion into the history of mining in Saxony well illustrates the great diversity of its topic. We see, for example, the robust lining and equipping of the shafts and mine workings, along with the fascinating traces left behind by mining activity in the far distant past. The silver recovered here was used, in particular, for the minting of coins: bracteates – thin silver coins embossed on only one side – were minted in Saxony.


The ingenious use of water was an important speciality of mining and early industry in the Erzgebirge – water supplied the energy for the ore preparation plants of the time, for forges and for smelteries. It was diverted from rivers and streams into manmade channels and routed to the water-powered machinery. Water stored in artificial ponds helped the population through times of drought. All these facilities needed spacious machine-rooms to house the specialised mining equipment.


The calendar impressively illustrates these facets of bygone mining, and also scans the fields of scientific advances, surveying, mineralogy, and the celebration of the local heritage, in a series of high-quality large-format prints. It is supplied in a robust cardboard pack printed with fascinating underground motifs.


The price for a single calendar is 25 €, discount is available on larger orders. For further information and ordering details, please see: //" target="_blank" >

[1] Traditional German miners‘ greeting, meaning, in two short words: “Good luck underground, and get back safely to the surface!“

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