High-precision measuring – even in tough operations

The C-LEVER flow meter for bulks and solids is a weighing system that fulfills the function of weighing to the optimal extent (Fig.). With the application of physical principles highest measurement accuracy is achieved, whereby the system remains unaffected by density, friction, particles and flow-rate fluctuations. Even if the bulks and solids re as hard as stone, the C-LEVER ‘keeps its composure’.

Tough operation

The C-LEVER is used in the Dolomitwerk Schöndorfer GmbH in Jettenberg/Austria. The task was the exact dosing of ­Dolomit flour in an elevator - with a flow rate of only 500 - 2000 kg/h. The structural conditions did not allow the installation of measuring devices with common installation heights. With the low height of only 670 mm, the C-LEVER 12 PRE was the ideal product for this application. Dust deposits originally arise in the conveyer belt system, however despite the extreme development of dust, the additional cleaning of the device was not necessary. The stability and resistance of the measuring slide of the ­C-LEVER was achieved by a tungsten carbide coating.

This metal is applied to the gravimetric slide sensor by means of thermal spraying. Tungsten carbide is characterized by high wear resistance. With the coated measuring slide, the C-LEVER securely and continuously captures the material flow of the ground dolomite. This measuring value enables the customer to optimally adapt the flow rate to that of the elevator. The elevator will always be used effectively to 100 % and will not be overloaded.

The secret: friction-free measurement

Besides high accuracy, flexibility, simple integration and handling, the C-LEVER offers high process safety. This is guaranteed by a patent-pending, friction-free measurement of the centripetal force. In contrast to other measurement systems for bulks and solids, this system gravimetrically measures the product stream at the sensor - thus, without any mechanical components, such as rotary belts, bearing or other moving parts subjected to wear.

This results in a step-change of the current industrial standards to a measuring accuracy of up to ±0.5 %. Even the linear capture of low flow rates of up to 100  kg/h is possible. The C-LEVER recognizes various influences of the mass flow and compensates them. Thus measuring is not influenced by numerous variables arising in the process. Simple pneumatic dedusting prevents the zero-point shift.


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