Impact stresses for selective comminution

For processing slag, incineration ash and dross

Summary: Special comminution units and process technologies are required to return the metals of slags (according to DIN 4301) and slag-like materials (e.g. skimmings, combustion ashes) as secondary raw materials to the raw material cycle and, at the same time, to process the mineral components so that they will again be usable. So as to achieve optimum and marketable results when processing these material groups, the process engineering machine parameters can be adapted individually to the desired, finished product so that these material groups can be processed in the same machine systems despite partly very different material properties.

1 Introduction
The term “slag” is a metallurgical expression generally used to describe the non-metallic, mineral constituents produced during the extraction of metals from raw materials. The draft of DIN 4301 dated June 2008 differentiates between ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical slag. The residue produced by waste incineration is also often referred to as slag, but, in accordance with this definition, this is actually ash, Nevertheless it will also be discussed in the following paper. The same applies to the aluminium salt slag produced during aluminium production and dross, which is...

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