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Processes for the dry processing of steel slags with LOESCHE mills for metal recovery and production of silicate composite material for use in the building materials industry

Summary: The development of recycling processes for the use of material resources from industrial waste products or by-products is becoming more and more important. To this end, comminution processes play a key role in processing the material in such a way that recyclable materials become exposed for subsequent separation processes. It was therefore only a matter of time before LOESCHE GmbH, with its decades of experience in fine comminution processes, became the centre of attention for prospective customers who would like to develop and optimise recycling processes.

1 Preliminary considerations

By-products from the steel industry contain valuable contents. So this article mainly refers to approximately 200 million t/a of steel slags from converters and electric-arc furnaces worldwide, and does not discuss blast furnace slags, which have already been processed to a large extent for many years as a latent hydraulic composite material in the building materials industry. In addition to pure metal (mostly between 3 % and 10 %), there are metal oxides and – depending on the type of steel slag – various mineral phases which can be partly converted into...

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