Mining the Arctic

The pros and cons

Summary: The polar region north of the Arctic Circle has sparked renewed interest among mining companies, as it holds so-called “world class” deposits of diamonds, gold and base metals. The problems and prospects there are described in this report on the basis of numerous projects. High standards have to be applied in these projects.

1 Introduction

As a result of climate warming, the average temperature on the earth’s surface has increased by just 0.6 °C in the last two centuries. This figure is the reason why there are still doubters of global warming, even among scientists. However, in order to understand climate warming and its consequences, it is sufficient to consider what is happening in the Arctic and the north polar region [1]. The north polar region comprises the area north of the Arctic Circle at latitude 66° 33’ 55” north. The distance to the north pole is only 2602 km, while the length of the polar circle is...

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