New test centre in Perth

The STEINERT test centre in Perth in Western Australia gives the customers the opportunity to test small and lage samples. They can also benefit from directly implementing the very latest findings and devleopments in the company’s tried and tested sorting technology, including the latest combination sensor-based sorting solution for ore sorting.


The STEINERT KSS FLIXT combination sensor sorting system – the all-in-one with XRT (x-ray transmission) – is the multi-sensory response to increasingly complex requirements in material separation. STEINERT have harmonised four sensor systems in this combination sensor sorting system. Two optical sensors provide colour and three-dimensional shape information, the inductive sensor detects metals and differences in density are detected using x-ray transmission. The logical combination of multi-sensory data collected for each individual object enables a wide variety of tasks to be covered by just one sorting machine. This combination is therefore frequently used as a stand-alone solution integrated into a processing concept – significantly expanding the sorting depth even for smaller mass flows. Customised equipment and programme creation are mandatory.


The combination of x-ray transmission (XRT) and 3D enables an additional evaluation of object characteristics and makes the system less sensitive to great differences in the sortable material. The STEINERT KSS FLI XT is a combination of F for colour detection, L for laser (3D detection), I for inductive sensor and XT for x-ray transmission.


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