Pelletizing iron ores

SCARABAEUS© 7500 pelletizing discs: Sustainability meets efficiency

B‌y winning a further major contract in pelletizing of iron ores, Haver & Boecker Niagara added another successful story to its portfolio and thus lays new tracks on the way to Green Steel.

Haver & Boecker Niagara wins a major contract in the field of iron ore pelletizing in Ukraine
© Haver & Boecker Niagara

Haver & Boecker Niagara wins a major contract in the field of iron ore pelletizing in Ukraine
© Haver & Boecker Niagara
With a seventy-year history in designing, manufacturing, operating and service of pelletizing equipment, Haver & Boecker Niagara has established itself as one of the leading specialist in this field for the production of the innovative SCARABAEUS© 7500. Sustainability, maximum efficiency and improved product quality are the main reasons for a customer from Ukraine, to order in total 15 pelletizing discs, 7 of which are about to go into production due to the currently signed contract. In Ukraine, the company is cooperating with the engineering company NPO RAKURS LLC.

In this project, the SCARABAEUS© 7500 is able to generate a tight pellet distribution, especially in the high-grade fraction of 10 to 12.5 mm, in total up to 150 t/h. The peculiarity of the SCARABAEUS© lies in a variable board height to obtain narrow grades of pellets with increased strength characteristics, while reaching the capacity up to 150 t/h. In addition, the pelletizing disc is equipped with a pellet monitoring system for the granulometric analysis of the pellets and an automatic control system. Thanks to the supplied set of equipment, the SCARABAEUS© 7500 operates in a fully automatic mode and produces the pellet class set by the company’s technologists. The tight pellet size distribution is for the direct reduction process, even with innovative hydrogen process, which improve sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions.

The principle of operation of the device is simple: in an inclined, cylindrical rotating disc, by presence of enough liquid pellets are formed from a powdery material. The raw material is brought to the condition by automatically setting the optimal operating parameters by changing the angle of inclination, rotation speed, and also by adjusting the height of the side of the disc, which turned out to be a decisive factor in fine-tuning the process. This is how the development of exclusive solutions is provided ensuring the highest quality for the processing of iron ore.

“In general, the SCARABAEU pelletizing disc is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 0.5 m to 7.5 m. Our pelletizing discs are in use in different applications, e.g. recycling of steelworks remnants, mineral fertilizers, R&D centers, building materials, iron ores pelletizing and sinter optimization and even future-oriented applications in the energy sector. Anyhow, most impressive application regarding the size is without doubt iron ore pelletizing with multiple lines of pelletizing discs. Each line with up to 10 discs, which is fascinating,” mentioned Dr. Jan Lampke, Haver & Boecker Niagara Technology Unit Manager.

With its production of DR-pellets, the SCARABAEUS© 7500 also makes its place among the innovative technologies for Green Steel: “It is the direct iron ore reduction process, enabled by those uniform size pellets, which finally leads to the tremendous reduction in greenhouse gases. This innovative pellet based solution avoids the traditional blast furnace route and, hence, the energy intensive smelting of the ore. This is such a great contribution to protect our climate through technology innovation,” explains Prof. Holger Lieberwirth, Director of Institute of Mineral Processing Machines, Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg. Such success would not be possible without conducting iron ore tests in the Associated-Institute of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, HAVER ENGINEERING GmbH and proving the possibility of achieving the desired parameters with the main aim to create added value for our customers through sustainable technically sound solutions, perfect quality, guaranteed reliability and absolute flexibility.

All in all, the operation with the SCARABAEUS© 7500 offers

sustainable and efficient production of iron ore pellets

specification deeds for the processes of direct reduction

energy-savings to up to 5 % by reduced recycling rate

improved product quality

increased product output

reduced CO2-emissions


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