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Energy-efficient design of dust-extraction systems in the planning of new mineral preparation installations

Summary: Energy-efficiency offers one of the few potentials for exerting a positive ­influence on the production costs of mineral products. In addition to careful selection of comminution and classifying machinery, special attention should also be devoted at the planning stage for new mineral preparation facilities to the design of the necessary ­dust-extraction systems.

In addition to the provisions described in greater detail in VDI Code of Practice 2584 for “reduction of emissions from preparation plants for concrete aggregates and building-material mixtures”, the following requirements are also coming ever more prominently to the fore:

Minimisation of energy input

Minimisation of residual particulates content in the classified fractions

Minimisation of the misplaced-particle content in the dedusting filler material

The residual dust content reduced down to 10 mg/m³ planned in the amendment to the German Clean Air Act scheduled for 2017 and the TLVs specified...

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