Processing of heavy contaminated raw gypsum using the HAVER Friction-Clean

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Processing of heavy contaminated raw gypsum using the HAVER Friction-Clean

Summary: HAVER ENGINEERING GmbH, of Freiberg, is a subsidiary of HAVER & BOECKER OHG. The company’s activities comprise machine and process development, and also ­machine/system auditing. New elements in its portfolio include custom-tailored specialist training courses in mineral processing and the operation of HAVER systems on the basis of Build – Operate – Transfer (BOT) models. The following article first appeared as a Paper pre­sented at the Comminution And Screening symposium at the Institute for Mineral Processing Machines of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg on 6 March 2015, and focuses on the HAVER Friction-Clean, a recently developed machine for removal of poorly soluble impurities. Initial experience in the processing of raw gypsum using the HAVER Friction-Clean pilot installation at Rump & Salzmann’s Dorste quarry is also reported.

1 Introduction

Approval processes for new and expanded quarries are extremely lengthy, complicated and costly. It is therefore in the quarry operator’s interests to exploit to the full his existing deposits, and to also process “inferior” grades. A further potential for extending the productive life of quarries can also be found in the excavation and preparation of spoil heaps, with the aim of routing the useable materials (“values”) which they contain for rational economic utilisation.

Rump & Salzmann operates a gypsum quarry in southern Lower Saxony, and has been applying this procedure...

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