The LOESCHE mill in the new processing plant for the production
of ground phosphate in Zhanatas

EuroChem, one of the world’s top 10 producers of mineral fertilizers, has started operation of its crushing and processing plant in Zhanatas, in the South Kazakh region of Zhambyl. LOESCHE technology is at the heart of the plant, helping to develop the large-scale phosphate rock deposit – the most important raw material for the production of phosphate-containing fertilizers. EuroChem selected a LOESCHE mill type LM 24.2, with the proven vertical roller mill technology, for the production of ground phosphate.

As the pioneer in vertical roller mills technology ­LOESCHE has been successfully constructing and supplying phosphate mills worldwide since the 1960s. For this project, LOESCHE’s contract includes the delivery, planning and installation of the grinding plant, which has a capacity of 600 000 t per year. The plant was realized and put into operation on site by LOESCHE GUS in close cooperation with the LOESCHE headquarters as well as ‘­LOESCHE Automation GmbH’.

The plant has been successfully operating since the first quarter of 2016. During a performance test of 72 h, the new grinding plant proved to operate to the client’s utmost satisfaction. During this operation, the plant not only reached all contractual guaranteed values, but even significantly exceeded the guaranteed production capacity. Furthermore, a further 15 % specific energy consumption was saved compared to the original guaranteed values. EuroChem plans to start with an annual production of 600 000 t ground phosphate with the LOESCHE mill being the technological heart of the plant.

Thanks to the successful start and the good cooperation, EuroChem has invited LOESCHE GUS to submit their quotation for two additional mills for a chemical processing plant that is currently being planned. A spare parts and service package is also being offered for the existing plant.

Construction of the complete fertilizer plant is still underway, with an investment of approximately US$ 150 million. When construction is concluded in 2018, the plant will boast an annual production of some 300 000 t NPK fertilizer (NPK fertilizers are three-component fertilizers providing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), 600 000 t potassium sulphate, 660 000 t dicalcium phosphate (DCP), 1.2 million t gypsum, 390 000 t calcium chloride, as well as 120 000 t magnesium sulphate.

The phosphate products produced supply both the local and international markets, thus securing the supply of any ­EuroChem finishing plants and contributing to a further increase in the development of the region.


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