bauma 2019: Sustainability in mining as an opportunity

S‌ustainability is absolutely the trend topic today, in mining as well. The focus extends well beyond the areas of energy consumption and the use of resources: All industries are currently searching for alternative, low-priced and environmentally friendly raw materials and energy sources. Global discussions and technology transfers are the key factors in efforts to successfully encourage sustainability in mining. bauma 2019 will serve as the perfect platform for the focal point of mining.

Less energy, fewer resources: The demands being placed on the future of the mining industry are clear. This transformation affects all aspects of mining – in every region of the world. For this reason, the issue of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role for the industry. The aim is not only to optimize the use of energy and resources, but also to introduce alternative energies and new technologies. Those who act will be rewarded: New energy can be produced in places where coal was once mined, or hollowed-out slag heaps are turned into interesting storage sites. New technologies are not just environmentally and economically fueling this trend. They are creating benefits for society as well.

Mining industry‘s interest in sustainability is growing

In a reflection of this, the industry‘s interest in sustainable mining is rising. The coal, iron and steel industry is transforming itself by miniaturizing drilling technologies and analysis tools. These enhancements increase the efficiency of site development and improve mining processes. This applies both to pre- and post-mining operations that require comprehensive planning. Potential can be identified and tapped by including all relevant actors in the effort.

bauma 2019 as a platform for sustainable mining

The topic of sustainability will be a focal point of bauma 2019 for this reason. As part of a focus section on mining, bauma 2019 will bring together all key players in the industry and showcase new technologies and trends in the coal, iron and steel industry. Manufacturers like ABB, DSI, FAM Förderanlagen, FLSmidth, HAVER NIAGARA, Komatsu, KGHM Zanam, Miller Technology, Paus, Siemens, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, WEIR Minerals and many others will present their highlights and innovations. “By selecting sustainability, bauma 2019 is focusing on a real issue of the future,” says Mareile Kästner, Exhibition Director of bauma. “There is no other such venue where all key players in the industry can have an opportunity to discuss the issue of sustainability so thoroughly. This will make bauma the ideal place to conduct successful business.“

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