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HAVER & BOECKER renames from HAVER Automation to QUAT²RO

HAVER & BOECKER has set itself the goal of driving product-specific innovation and the further development of digital products and digitalization solutions in a structured and focused manner. To further underscore this goal, HAVER Automation was renamed on 1 January 2023 to QUAT²RO GmbH & Co. KG. From its headquarters in Münster in Westphalia/Germany, the company will lead and implement HAVER & BOECKER’s digital strategy. All activities relating to digital products and solutions will also be bundled under the “QUAT²RO®” brand in line with Industry 4.0.

  Location of QUAT²RO GmbH & Co. KG in Münster/Westphalia

Location of QUAT²RO GmbH & Co. KG in Münster/Westphalia

In recent years, digitalization has become increasingly important and ubiquitous in almost all industries. Digital products are becoming increasingly important within production and the upstream and downstream processes. This development is referred to by well-known terms such as Industry 4.0, Smart Factory or the Internet of Things.  Though HAVER & BOECKER has been developing and selling various digital products for some time, the process was driven forward in an uncoordinated manner from the different divisions of the company. “In 2016, HAVER Automation was founded and since has developed and distributed many of our digital products to date. However, in order to bundle all group-wide digitalization activities so that development potential and synergies are maximized, QUAT²RO is now replacing HAVER Automation,” says Thomas Krause, Managing Director of QUAT²RO.


In order to jointly drive innovation, this also is accompanied by the organizational bundling of the family-owned company’s digitalization and process automation experts in QUAT²RO. “With our approach, we aim to make the customer the director of his own value creation by networking his information. In this way, we can establish ourselves as an autonomous digitalization and automation provider on the overall market,” Krause adds.


QUAT²RO develops customized and industry-specific digitalization solutions for the chemical, food, building materials, cement and mining industries. Digital software products are developed for all process steps such as mixing, filling, packing, palletizing, stocking, loading and transporting bulk materials and liquids. QUAT²RO’s product portfolio has a modular structure and therefore it can be used in a scalable manner and successively expanded. The target of this solution is to optimize all production steps. This is why the company has also christened its slogan “digitalize 2 optimize”. Not only efficiency, but also transparency is increased by the QUAT²RO software modules – all to enable a high-performance, smart factory of tomorrow.


QUAT²RO has expertise in the following areas:

Process digitalization through production management systems, production and shipping automation, batch management, process control technology, OEE and WEB solutions, preventive maintenance systems, status monitoring, analytics and remote servicing

Complete process automation, from IT-level management systems to PLC-based OT-level automation systems with all required software and hardware services scalable up to turn-key solutions

Software engineering, project management, commissioning, service


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