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Mechanical Conveyor Technology Day of the DSIV

Screw conveyors, conveyor belts, bucket chains – there are many ways to move bulk materials mechanically. Wherever bulk materials are used in process technology, they must also be transported.
The DSIV advisory board put together the programme: Mario Dikty (left) and Michael Brocks (right)
The DSIV advisory board put together the programme: Mario Dikty (left) and Michael Brocks (right)
What appears trivial at first glance is, however, a complex and extensive field of expertise. In order to refresh and deepen expertise in this area, the German Bulk Solids Industry Association (DSIV) is offering further training on this topic: The 2nd Mechanical Handling Technology Day will take place in Hamburg on 27 March 2024. The content will include an overview of current developments in mechanical conveying technology and in-depth knowledge of the underlying principles. The event is open to all interested parties and is suitable for both career starters and experienced professionals in the industry.


Free participation for members who are studying or in training

Demand for the first edition of the Mechanical Handling Technology Day was very high and the event was fully booked within a short space of time. As space is limited, interested parties are therefore advised to register early for the 2024 conference. DSIV members benefit from a discount on the participation fee. For DSIV members who are studying or in training, participation in the event is even free of charge. And DSIV membership is also free of charge for this group.


As is usual at DSIV events, there will also be a joint evening programme in Hamburg, where there will be the opportunity to exchange ideas with the speakers and other participants. Details of the event, including the complete programme, can be found on the DSIV website. Interested parties can also register directly there.

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