New ways

Dear readers,

Dr. Petra Strunk
Chefredakteurin der AT MINERAL PROCESSING

Dr. Petra Strunk
Chefredakteurin der AT MINERAL PROCESSING
it seems that the restrictions by Corona (no, not Corona itself) have now really been put on file – so a whole series of meetings took place after a long break already in the first months of 2023. No matter what the overriding theme was at the start, the topics of energy transition, environmental protection & sustainability – also with regard to working conditions, resource conservation, Zero CO2 were the focus. Do the unavoidable challenges of the future frighten us? Or is it an incentive to tackle new ideas, new development projects, new ways and to look forward to a new way of producing and probably also of consuming with the thought in the back of our minds that we use our skills and knowledge for a world worth living in.

Also in this issue, many of our authors have thought about how plants can have a longer life, higher efficiency – and therefore lower energy consumption and lower carbon footprint. Read our technical articles „Optimizing performance – energy for a sustainable mining future“ starting on page 50 and „Wear-resistant screen cloth with multiple service life“ starting on page 56. In the Focus Industry section, you will find a variety on topics that also deal with the optimization of plants and machinery. SOLIDS in Dortmund is a good opportunity to exchange views on current topics live with experts and colleagues. Find out more in advance in our Special starting on page 10.

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