Highs and lows

Dear Readers,

at the start of 2021, there was a general vague hope that with a sufficient number of vaccine doses and those willing to be vaccinated, the „spook“ could be put to an end by the fall. The forecasts then became somewhat more positive again and gradually the „earlier“ life returned. The first conferences took place again – connected with real joy about an exchange beyond any digital conference programs. However, on the other hand, the advantage of short digital meetings compared to costly business trips for one- or two-hour meeting became clear.

And despite the many – or perhaps because of the lockdowns – we were able to report on many new and further technical developments of machines and systems in each issue. Fifteen technical papers presented the latest scientific findings on topics such as conveying, storage, screening, weighing, feeding and coal preparation. Three review papers dealt with fertilizer production, an overview of crushing technology, and the economic-political situation in Africa.

Now – in mid-November – the times look bleaker again, the optimistic assumption that Corona will be a rather harmless viral infection has not yet come true, the figures unfortunately top all previous statistical data. So a longer breath is still required. But in fact, time has definitely not stood still in the past year; against all odds, some companies were able to survive well. Flexibility and inventiveness are more than ever a plus when looking strategically into the future.

After this short review, I wish our readers a merry and blessed Christmas season and a defiantly optimistic start to the new year!

Dr. Petra Strunk, Editor in Chief at AT MINERAL PROCESSING



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