Series Premiere

SBM REMAX 600 – Mobile high performance in focus

“It’s exactly the right machine for our market,” says Piet van der Pols, Managing Director of the Pols Group, which operates throughout the Benelux region, summing up customer reactions to the new REMAX 600 large-impact crusher at the recent Belgian trade fair MATEXPO. Pols has been selling mobile crushing plants from SBM Mineral Processing in Belgium for a good two years, a market which, despite its manageable overall size, occupies a special position in Europe, especially for the performance segment of the REMAX 600. Accordingly, after the highly acclaimed BAUMA world premiere of the REMAX 600 prototype at the beginning of September, MATEXPO provided the right stage for the presentation of the market-ready series technology.


The 600 t/h crusher REMAX 600 with its “Hybrid Electrified” drive concept strengthens the position of Pols on the Belgian market, especially in the recycling sector, which is characterised by powerful large machines over 500 t/h. While diesel-electric solutions are certainly the “technical DNA” of SBM, the Austrian manufacturer has been supplying track-mounted technology designed for the recycling of building materials since the mid-1990s, which has also met with great interest in the Benelux countries.


Thanks to progressive environmental legislation, large machines have secured a permanent place in decentralised, high-capacity recycling centres, but also in the direct processing of construction site rubble. Annual utilisation rates of 1200 to 1500 operating hours with 250 000 to 500 000 tonnes of production are the rule here, even with alternating applications – values that are achieved elsewhere at best by semi-stationary units in permanent quarry operation. The market offer is determined by a few manufacturers with their respective top models, but often still with diesel-hydraulic or only partly electric drives and from the 1300 class onwards with several transport units and correspondingly long set-up times.


“The new REMAX 600 can score points everywhere,” emphasises Piet van der Pols, who was one of the first international SBM dealers to secure two machines from the recently started series production. “Even fully equipped, with a double-deck pre screen and triple-deck production screen with highly efficient longitudinal magnet discharge, the 600 has a transport weight of just under 80 tonnes. Everything stays on the machine – where other large crushers need two low-beds and a good half day of assembly, with us one man drives the plant to the construction site and starts it up fully automatically a short time later within 1 to 1.5 hours.” This also applies to the optional all-electric mains operation, which Pols in Belgium also supplies as a “market standard” for the smaller SBM models REMAX 200 to REMAX 500 in the 20- to 50-tonne classes: “Plug it in, flip the switch and work immediately and, above all, continuously emission-free and quietly electrically – this convenience is currently only offered by SBM across all series.”


The REMAX 600 also offers great advantages in diesel-electric operation: “We know from customers that they calculate with up to 90 litres of diesel per hour for technology with the same performance – and this is by no means only with older diesel-hydraulic existing systems, but also for current solutions on the market.” Modern diesel-electric drives offer great savings potential here: “In practice, we reckon with well over 50 % less consumption for the REMAX 600, with significantly lower maintenance costs at the same time, for example due to the elimination of large hydraulic circuits,” explains Piet van der Pols. In view of the high machine utilisation of Belgian operators, the direct savings here can quickly add up to several tens of thousands of euros – not including the higher availability due to the lower effort in transport and set-up.


Immediately after the show, the REMAX 600 went into operation at a customer’s site – a demanding recycling application of a nationwide construction material recycling specialist. “Many operators in Belgium are working intensively on environmentally friendly operating concepts, especially with regard to resource consumption and ambient emissions. With the REMAX 600, we offer a forward-looking solution here that already convinces with maximum mobility and flexibility,” explains Piet van der Pols.


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