Versatile starscreen

Screening, soil stabilisation and liquid soil production with one machine

Backers manufactures mobile starscreens, starscreen and mixing machines as well as starscreen decks, stationary plants, air classifiers and various additional components. The machines are used in the waste disposal industry, road construction and civil engineering, mining, composting and recycling.



The 3-fraction starscreen can screen in 3 fractions. With bar screen or grizzly screen a 4th fraction is possible. The starscreen can also screen cohesive soil with a high throughput. The coarse fractions fall off in front of the machine, medium and fine fractions fall to the rear and side. After a short modification, the 3-fraction starscreen can be used as a screening and mixing machine and then for the production of stabilised soil and liquid soil. For this, the fine screen must be replaced by the binder container. Both the sieving and the sieving and mixing machine can be used for areas of 700 m² or more.


Soil stabilisation

The excavated soil is filled into the bunker by excavator and screened with the star screen at 60 mm or finer. The screened soil falls loosened onto the lower belt, is weighed by belt weigher and conveyed to the blending station. According to the belt weigher, the binder is fed from the binder container. It is mixed with the sieved and loosened soil (0 to 60 mm) by a hammer roller and any remaining agglomerates are broken up in the process. Due to the exact mixing with lime, cement ... only as much compound is mixed into the soil as it needs for the respective application (usually about 1 to 3 %). Less is sustainable and can also be carried out on site in accordance with the BBodSchV. An output of up to 250 t/h is possible when producing stabilised soil. The screening and mixing machine generates compressed air with which the binder is conveyed from a separate storage silo to the binder container of the screening and mixing machine.


Liquid soil

When the soil-compound mixture is transferred, an appropriate amount of water is pumped into the truck mixer. The liquid soil is produced in batches and documented with a delivery note. It is mixed in the truck mixer for 10 to 90 minutes and then poured.


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