Clean air

Water nebulization for dust reduction on construction sites

Different operating processes in demolition companies produce dust that is hazardous to the health of workers and the surrounding area. Understanding and acceptance on neighboring sites is limited. Bad air in the neighborhood can put a considerable strain on daily coexistence, so that affected companies are dependent on an effective and at the same time economical solution. For demolition companies, this means they are increasingly the focus of occupational safety authorities and must take action. Fog is part of our climate. Artificially generated fog by water atomization is technically used effectively for dust reduction in very many areas.


In belt conveying, bulk materials are discharged via a belt head. In the process, the fine fraction is carried away from the falling material flow by wind. Dust emissions also occur when the material hits the stockpile. The belt fogging of Nebolex effectively binds the dust. Water mist is introduced into the material falling from the belt, thus avoiding dust turbulence and reducing dust generation. The water input can be controlled very efficiently by the number of nozzles, nozzle size and water supply.


The Cube is a supply station for indoor and outdoor fog generation. Fields of application are crushing plants. In modular design, this is configured according to customer specifications. Another effective protection against dust is offered by the dust binding machines from Nebolex. They are user-friendly and uncomplicated to operate. Due to the robust design, the machines are trouble-free and easy to maintain. There are several variants with different throwing distances for all applications. The number and size of the nozzles influence the droplet spectrum and thus the water input.


NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik guarantees sophisticated technology for dust reduction and customer-oriented solution concepts with expert advice and planning, whether stationary or mobile. Each plant is individually designed for the given requirements. In order to achieve the best possible result, the company responds to the special wishes of the customers. NEBOLEX Umwelttechnik is a complete partner, offering consulting, analysis, on-site discussion (by appointment), planning, preparation of a quotation and explanation via teams, construction of a test plant, engineering with drawings, installation and commissioning, also outside Europe, up to support; service, maintenance and spare parts supply. Everything from one source. Detailed information about water supply, water consumption, pipe routing of the media water and possibly air, performance, range or control-technical information will be provided by Nebolex.


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