TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS Optimization of production

When is a conveyor upgrade actually a downgrade?

When greater production is needed to meet rising demand or when lower quality raw materials require more tons to be processed per unit of output to retain the same level of production, many operators...

FOLLOW-UPS 50 years of Swiss precision

GIPO AG celebrates its anniversary

The Emil Gisler AG and GIPO AG celebrated their 50th anniversary together with the Open Days in September 2023. The crushing and screening plants produced in Seedorf, directly on Lake Lucerne, are...

INTERVIEW Steel alternatives

Wear protection in conveyor systems

Steel is considered the material of choice for protecting surfaces against wear in conveyor systems for heavy materials. In practice, however, steel reaches its limits in many cases. Rico Harting,...

FOCUS INDUSTRY Reduced environmental impact

Sensor-based sorting of sulfide ores

The increase in global demand for copper, zinc and lead poses a challenge for mining operations: increasing their efficiency and productivity to meet the demand while ensuring their profitability and...