RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENTS Storage, mixing and homogenisation

Design of blending beds

Summary: Blending beds are used for storage, mixing and homogenisation. For the most frequently used configuration, the longitudinal stack, using the “chevron” stacking variant, a design algorithm on...

FOCUS INDUSTRY Immission control

Binding dust with water mist

D‌ust is always generated during the processing, storage and handling of bulk materials and during recycling. This leads to enormous adverse effects on people and the environment and to increased wear...


Sand treatment with spin cycle

S‌and is worldwide one of the most basic raw materials. ­Gigantic quantities are needed every year to build houses, airports, roads and much more, for example. And since sand is not just sand and...

FOCUS INDUSTRY Loading in record time

Truck unloader for fast loading of bulk material

T‌he efficiency of cargo handling for ship transport is primarily determined by the speed of the loading process, as the demurrage times in the port represent a significant cost factor. Usually,...

FOCUS INDUSTRY Seamless combination

Terex MPS plant chosen for Laos dam project

A‌ joint venture of Italy’s Cooperativa Muratori e Cementisti (CMC) di Ravenna, Thai company Ital Thai and Vietnam’s Song Da Corporation is using a 1500 t/h ICM Terex MPS plant to produce aggregates...

FOCUS INDUSTRY A large range of application

New Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant MOBICAT MC 110(i) EVO2

W‌ith the market launch of the new MOBICAT MC 110(i) EVO2, Kleemann presents a mobile jaw crushing plant of the new generation. The further development of the tried and tested predecessor plant offers...