TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS Simply overcoming obstacles

Use of drones for project planning

In the mining industry, modern technologies require systems capable of transporting bulk materials efficiently from the quarry to their destination, through rough terrain and ­populated areas. BEUMER...


A game-changing Flotation Recover Upgrade Package

F‌LSmidth releases two major products that advance flotation recovery. The mixedROW™ Flotation System, which combines the best attributes of two technologies to create next-level results, is now ready...

FOCUS INDUSTRY Resource efficiency

Iron ore & pelletizing technology

I‌ron ore is the main source of iron and steel and the world is made of it. The computers we use, the chairs we are sitting on, the cars we are driving with, the buildings we are working in, the...

FOCUS INDUSTRY Underground mining automation

Sandvik presents AutoMine® Access API specification

W‌ith the introduction of the AutoMine® Access API – the mining industry’s first interoperability platform for autonomous underground loaders and trucks – Sandvik sets the industry standard for mine...

FOCUS INDUSTRY Variable frequency drive

Flexibility in dust suppression via atomized mist

I‌n a move designed to bring versatility to its lineup of successful dust suppression equipment, BossTek has introduced an optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system that allows users to adjust...