Sandvik Plant Solutions introduces three new ways to purchase crushing & screening plants

Sandvik CustomPlant
Source: Sandvik

Sandvik CustomPlant
Source: Sandvik
The new Sandvik Plant Solutions’ offering now provides customers with the opportunity to acquire the plant that is exactly suited to their needs.
By analyzing Sandviks current global installed plant base, the company has been able to gain valuable insights into the core needs of the customers when it comes to Plant Solutions for mines and quarries. These insights have provided the guiding principles for the development of three completely new plant solutions. “We’ve learned a lot about the needs of our customers through this process and have created what we feel is the optimal solution for their wide and varied needs,” says Pär Stigmer, Director, Sandvik Plant Solutions. Sandvik Plant Solutions provides customers with a more compelling value proposition for the initial plant purchase – and also for the entire lifecycle support of their new plant.”
FastPlant™ – Pre-defined plant solution, with a fast delivery time of just 12 weeks
Sandvik FastPlants are made for speed, pure and simple. They are based on the concept of giving customers the plant that they need, without unnecessary hurdles or hassle. Based on their pre-definition, the plant can be chosen, quoted and ordered in just one meeting – saving precious time in production for the customer.
SmartPlant™ – Smart, modular plant solution, based on Sandvik SmartStations and automation-ready
Sandvik SmartPlants are a modular approach to the building of plants. Customers can select the SmartStations that meet their crushing and screening needs and place them together to create their plant. SmartPlants are supplied automation-ready and can be upgraded and expanded to accommodate the customer’s evolving requirements.
CustomPlant™ – Long-term plant development relationship, based on an ECI agreement to create the optimal plant for the customer’s needs
Sandvik CustomPlants are the premier plant solutions on the market today, built with performance, capacity and cost-efficiency in mind. Starting with a comprehensive Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) agreement, CustomPlants are a long-term plant partnership that delivers a new level of integration between the customer and Sandvik.
Sandvik 365 is the lifecycle support solution that can be added to every Sandvik plant solution to reduce commissioning time and increase uptime, providing services and support throughout the lifetime of the plant.
The new Sandvik Plant Solutions can be viewed at and are available for purchase now by contacting the local Sandvik representative.

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