Kalenborn Kalprotect GmbH & Co. KG

Kalenborn is a one-stop supplier for wear protection materials. These in­clude ABRESIST fused cast basalt, KALCOR zirconium corundum, KALOCER high-alumina ceramics, KALMETALL hard metal materials, KALCRET hard compound, etc. It not only supplies the materials, it produces most of them its own workshops. This ensures high product quality, optimal lead times and a good price/performance ratio. In addition, the company supplies complete wear protection systems (Fig.) for optimized solutions even to complex wear problems:

• KALFLEX flexible pipe bends, consisting of abrasion-resistant segments that can be fitted into each other and flexibly moved within each other. This results in variable radii and angles of the pipe components.

• KERAFLEX for severe impact and wear stress. These are hard materials, like KALOCER high alumina ceramics or KALMETALL-W hard overlay welded plates, vulcanized onto rubber. These elements are used whenever intense abrasion occurs in combination with high impact load.

• KALCRET and KALPOXY hard compounds. While the KALCRET products consist of cement-bonded materials, with KALPOXY Kalenborn has included an epoxy-bonded hard compound combining high abrasion resistance with easy handling in its range.


Hall 7, Stand 7-165; www.kalenborn.de


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