Cost effective solution for moderate wear

Kalenborn now offers a comprehensive array of KALMETALL-HB hard steel as cost-effective solution for moderate wear. The typical KALMETALL-HB material 400 features a hardness equivalent of approx. 400 Brinell. Materials of greater hardness are available if necessary. Among these is, for example, KALMETALL-HB 500 having a hardness equivalent of 500 Brinell. The special hardness and impact resistance of KALMETALL-HB hard steel results from the production method as well as the time-tested alloys chosen for this purpose. The specific material properties are reached by the defined addition of, e.g.,...

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Issue 2010-04

Kalenborn Kalprotect GmbH & Co. KG

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New tempering method

With the new LongLife tempering method from Craco, screens and cutting edges made from the premium-grade wear steel Cracox can be additionally hardened. The process is applied primarily to those areas...

Issue 2012-07-08

The baton has been passed on

After 15 years of successful work for Kalenborn, Dipl.-Ing., MBA Michael W. Rokitta has passed on the baton to Dipl.-Ing. Markus Buscher as he has reached retirement age (Fig.). During the time that...