New company start-up

Following its founding at the end of 2010, ComSort Technologies GmbH & Co. KG started work at the beginning of 2011. The company specializing in comminution and sorting systems builds and supplies two series of impact rotor mills with drive powers to 400 kW (Fig.) and machine weights to 11 t. These two series differ with regard to the mill feed and feed air flow. The mills are designed for use in industrial mineral processing, the chemicals industry as well as in value material recovery/recycling. Another product focus at ComSort Technologies will in future be sensor-assisted sorting systems. The company is currently working with partners on a stand-alone optical sorting system that is to be launched onto the market by the end of this year. In addition the company offers planning and project management services for plant engineering in the above-mentioned fields.


ComSort Technologies GmbH & Co. KG, Herten (D),

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