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The global economy and raw materials consumption are growing and growing. It is essential to conserve resources and recycle materials that have already been used so that they can be reused. To separate and process the materials to be recycled, highly wear-resistant machines and materials such as HARDOX wear plate are needed. Since its introduction onto the market in 1974, HARDOX wear plate has been regarded as the world’s first modern wear plate and is leading in this sector. A unique combination of consistent hardness up to 600 HBW, high strength and very good notched bar impact strength makes HARDOX wear-resistant steel unique. HARDOX plate is used for chute and feeder linings, armoured linings for impact mills, hard-facing of roller grizzlies (Fig. 1), polygon discs, grates, step grids and paddles for sand and gravel processing, hammers, mallets and cutting wheels for wood shredders, beater bars for crushers, crusher lining and blades for loading shovels and much more.


1 International network for wear parts

HS-Schoch has decades of experience in the processing of HARDOX wear plate. The wear part expert based in Lauchheim/Baden Württemberg and in Coswig/Saxony-Anhalt is a SSAB-certified HARDOX wear parts partner. ­HARDOX WEARPARTS is the international network for companies that manufacture wear parts from quality ­HARDOX plate. Declared aim of the network members is the supply of high-quality wear parts, while providing the best possible service. After all, a repair with HARDOX wear-resistant steel does not incur costs, but is an investment in the future. HARDOX wear plate meets the highest requirements and makes tools and machines more resistant, minimizing downtime. To meet a wide range of requirements, HARDOX steel can be bent, drilled, cut, welded or milled. Only companies with dedicated expertise in machining HARDOX quality wear plate and with a suitable array of machines are permitted to use the quality mark HARDOX WEARPARTS.


2 Up to three-times-longer lifetime

Whether according to drawing or sample – whether by drilling, milling, countersinking or threading, HS-Schoch employs state-of-art CNC machining centres to manufacture bespoke highly wear-resistant components, including flame-cut pieces in a thickness of 3.2 to 140 mm and from 400 HB to 700 HB hardness. Rolling and bending work to a length of 8 m are also included in the company’s portfolio of services. As a HARDOX Wearparts partner, HS-Schoch is also able to make wear parts such as perforated plates (Fig. 2) for screens with tapered perforations, holders for crusher bars, crusher linings, impact plates, gearwheels, chute/feeder linings, hard facing for grizzly screens, stepped grids and wear plates for conveyors from HARDOX wear plate. There is no more efficient method to minimize downtimes. With HARDOX wear plate, the lifetime of wear parts can be increased threefold.

3 Rotor regeneration at HS-Schoch

HS-Schoch is also one of the top addresses when it comes to rotor regeneration, irrespective of whether the rotors are used in stationary or mobile crushing and screening plants in the recycling, non-metallic minerals or sand and gravel industries. The wear and regeneration expert offers an extensive regeneration and maintenance service for rotors made by all manufacturers. Following a general overhaul by the HS-Schoch specialists, a rotor is often in better condition than it was new. Whether hard facing of the rotor or armouring – with regeneration at HS-Schoch, the period of use and lifetime of a rotor increase considerably. The same applies to new rotors. HS-Schoch manufactures new rotors with bearings for all types of crushers.


4 Sorting, tipping and loading

HS-Schoch is an ESCO main dealer and since 1987 it has been producing attachments and wear parts for construction machines and the recycling industry such as demolition and sorting grabs, loading shovels, wood splitters, standard shovels, combined shovels, high-tipping shovels, side-tipper buckets, sorting shovels, hydraulic grabs and fast attachment changeover equipment.


To recycle materials for sustained reuse, these first have to be separated. The materials often have to be piled high, which, with a standard shovel, is only possible to a limited extent and at great cost. For such work, HS-Schoch has developed special high-tipping shovels. Depending on the application for lightweight materials such as wood, paper, waste, compost, cereals or bulk solids such as sand, gravel, ballast, scrap metal, and salt, HS-Schoch can individually design its attachments.

Thanks to its extremely rugged design, the shovel fitted with a reversible blade meets extreme requirements and can score extra points with very high tipping forces. Reinforced bearings and two final damper cylinders at the side, which thanks to their special arrangement are ideally protected against damage, enable efficient, trouble-free working long-term. Depending on the specifications, HS-Schoch high-tipping shovels are available in various weight classes, materials, material thicknesses and with different bearings. Models with up to 10 000 l capacity are possible.


5 Safe loading and unloading with retaining flap

So that bulk solids such as brushwood, paper, wood, and waste don’t fall from the shovel during loading and sorting, the attachment specialist has also designed a shovel with a hydraulic hold-down (Fig. 3) or retaining flap. Depending on the application, the design of the retaining flap can be tailored to the specific requirements. In this way waste and wood shredders, paper presses, lorries and waggons can be safely and comfortably loaded. On customer request, the company also equips the proven HS grate shovel with appropriate retaining flaps.


6 Grate bucket: higher efficiency on site

With a HS-Schoch grate bucket, the wheat can be easily and quickly separated from the chaff. Already during clearing of the construction site, the bucket separates coarse from fine material. As a result the crusher can work more effectively and is better utilized. The dumping volume and therefore the dumping and landfill costs are reduced considerably.



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