Winter repair: „Upgrade“ for the second spring

Now the time is approaching for repairs and maintenance work that have been postponed for a long time. Things that were not possible during the year due to daily business can now be made up. Grabs, shovels and buckets can be made fit for their second spring in wintertime when plants are not in operation.

Regeneration for shovels, buckets and grabs

If there are wear phenomena or fracture damages, if urgently needed boring mill work, lining work or the replacement of entire groups of parts at particularly stressed points are required, the specialist for wear problems and attachments HS-Schoch is one of the first addresses for the “winter regeneration” of shovels, grabs and buckets. Depending on the manufacturer, the reconditioned tools and machines are in a better condition, compared to the new ones, after a regeneration stay at HS-Schoch. This is possible due to the use of HARDOX wear plates, BOROX cutlery steel and ESCO tooth systems, face shields and wear plates.

Hermann Schoch, the founder of the company, became aware of the HARDOX wear plate already at a very early stage. HARDOX is the first modern wear plate worldwide and is considered leading in this field. HARDOX wear plates meet the highest requirements as regards wear resistance, quality, evenness and surface condition. Due to the unique combination of high strength, a uniform hardness of up to 600 HBW and a very good notch impact strength, the efficiency and availability of wearing units, such as shovels, grabs, buckets, conveyor belts, chutes, containers, roll crushers, comminution equipment, agitators, screens and demolition tools, are increased. There is no more efficient method to minimize downtimes. With HARDOX wear plates the life of wearing parts is prolonged by up to three times.

HARDOX-Wearparts: Custom-made wearing parts

Based on drawings and specifications, HS-Schoch as a​
​HARDOX wearparts partner certified by SSAB, manufactures wear-resistant repair parts of Hardox steel. They carry out drilling, cutting, welding, milling or rolling and bending work up to a length of 8 metres. The large-scale equipment fleet of HS-Schoch offers almost unlimited possibilities for the manufacture and regeneration of attachments and wearing parts. At the locations Coswig/Saxony-Anhalt and Lauchheim/Baden-Württemberg, shell blanks of any kind are cut out by means of plasma, autogenous and laser cutting plants.

New blades are cutting well

So as to reduce the downtimes, the wear expert has very well sorted wearing part stores at the locations Lauchheim and Coswig-Cobbelsdorf. From there all marketable tooth and blade systems are supplied to the corresponding destination, even within 24 hours if so desired by the customer. The company is one of the three ESCO main dealers in Germany. For more than 90 years ESCO has been developing and manufacturing wear-resistant products, such as tooth systems, face shields and wear plates. Products from ESCO are used in mining, in the construction industry, in crushing plants, for dredging, in conveying systems, for demolition and in forestry. On average, ESCO uses 15 % more antiwear metal for its products than the competitors. Also the steel alloy is harder and more wear-resistant than that of comparable products of the competitors.

Local service

In addition to a pick-up and supply service carried out with their own vehicle fleet, the large field team is at the location of the customer every day and examines what has to be maintained. If required, the measurement is already taken locally.


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