Wear protection made by HS-Schoch

HS-Schoch has been developing and manufacturing add-on parts such as buckets, shovels and scoops since 1987. True to the motto “quality beats price”, HS-Schoch puts the focus on both the favorable price-performance ratio and quality – proven by a complaint rate of less than 0.3 %; since only equipment that meets the highest demands helps avoiding high costs and long downtimes. The company’s product range comprises grid buckets, backhoes and rock buckets, any kind of tilting bucket, various shovel designs, demolition grabs and special constructions according to the customer’s wish.


HS-Schoch is a HARDOX wearpartner. HARDOX WEARPARTS is the international network for companies able to manufacture wear parts of HARDOX quality wear plates. HARDOX is a brand of the SSAB Swedish Steel. According to the different requirements, HARDOX steel can be bent, drilled, cut, welded or milled, if necessary. Furthermore, HS-Schoch is a service partner of the Swedish wear part expert BOROX. In a final step, wear plates from BOROX are water-quenched and tempered; they are available as pre-assembled semi-finished products, such as bolt-on cutting edges or finish-rolled base edges in different grades.


At the steinexpo 2017, the HS-Schoch GmbH & Co KG and the ZFE GmbH will jointly present their product portfolios. New to the range is the grid bucket with transverse bars of Hardox 400 round stock with a thickness of 40 and 60 mm. At these round bars, significantly less material gets jammed, which results in higher throughput.


Another highlight from the think tank of the manufacturer of accessories and parts for construction machinery is the Collect1000. It has been developed on the basis of a traditional container skip and is completely made of Hardox steel. The special feature of the container for the recycling of construction waste is the direct mounting for excavators. Mounted at the excavator, the container can be positioned directly at the “point of action” – even in rough terrain, which is not accessible by roadworthy vehicles. The Collect1000 is available with all common excavator receptacles and the customer can determine length, width and height according to the requirements.


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