New method to neutralise flooded opencast mines

Pilot project

Lignite can only be extracted from opencast mines if the ground water level is lowered to below the coal seam. This has a strong influence on the region’s water balance. Depending on the chemism from the overburden, the rising ground water after mining  in the pit lake may become acidic due to pyrite weathering. Thus ground water remediation projects seek to balance out the ground water deficit and to neutralise the lakes in the former mines so that flora and fauna may be established.

Lime is usually used in this process for example using ships to introduce lime into the lake water with sprinkler systems. Large quantities of lime are needed to treat an entire water body, however, as there is only a low level of blending that takes place in the process. GMB GmbH developed the UNP-Underwater Nozzle Pipelines (German: GSD-Getauchte Schwimmleitung mit Düsen) method as an alternative: lime mixed with lake water is pumped through the nozzles of floating pipes into the lake, where it uses the natural lake circulation to blend thoroughly, distributing the suspension evenly...

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