16.05.2013 / Dust collector pulse timer from Filtersense saves energy

IntelliPULSE™ pulse jet timer for baghouses and dust collectors reduces energy costs and offers direct connection to PLCs with user specified field bus communications such as Devicenet, Ethernet, Modbus and Profibus. The intelligent pulse cleaning control technology is said to minimize compressed air use during filter cleaning significantly reducing energy consumption. No tuning is required. Compressed air energy savings up to 90 % over continuous pulse cleaning methods and up to 40 % over pulse on demand methods are reported. Compact DIN rail packaging makes for easy mounting and field service.


·Modular DIN rail design with field bus connectivity

·Intelligent pressure control via single set point

·DSP controlled continuous short circuit protection

·Easily programmable pattern & sequence pulsing

·Adjustable On/Off pulse time limits within automatic pulsing

·Automatic or preset multi row pulsing

·Full range of traditional timing modes (Continuous, single cycle, cycle down etc)



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