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Sometimes even minor changes are sufficient to increase the performance of a plant and to make a process energetically more favourable. However, the modifications must be carried out at the right place and you need smart and intelligent people to do the work as well as persistent research. Thus, the article “Development and testing of a ceramic classifying lining” (page 46) shows that a new lining and the use of ceramic grinding balls may lead to energy savings of between 5 and 25 %.


“Fine grinding of wet coke” results in saving the high operating costs which normally occur, since it is no longer necessary to dry the material. The article on page 56 presents operating results concerning the use of high-pressure grinding rolls for the grinding of wet coke in open circuit.


The focus of the article “Dolomite grinding in the Ukraine” is about vertical roller mills as compact grinding plants (page 40). The dolomite prepared in the Maksymivka region is used, amongst other things, as a binder for asphalt production. The plant commissioned in summer 2010 is distinguished by flexibility and high energy efficiency. Its products are also used in the sugar and fertilizer industries.


In addition to the focus on mills, this issue of AT INTERNATIONAL includes many additional interesting contributions on other topics – let us surprise you!    


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