Rulmeca celebrates 50 years

In 2012 Rulmeca celebrates 50 years of activity. Since the year of foundation in 1962 in Almè, Bergamo, the company has been changing and developing in interaction with the market and the product range offer, thus becoming one of the most important companies in Italy and also the headquarters of the 22 worldwide Rulmeca companies, specializing in the production and sales of rollers, motorized pulleys and components for belt conveyors in bulk handling applications.


During the first years of activity the company production was focused on the development and manufacture of rollers for medium and heavy-duty belt conveyors for quarries and mining applications. The experience and know-how acquired over many years allowed the company to grow constantly and to widen the product range. At the beginning of the 1970s, Rulmeca added to the original production all the components for the industrial conveyors, assembly lines and unit handling, thanks to the cooperation with Interroll. Later there was also the integration of motorized pulleys and all the equipment for flow storage. In the 1980s Rulmeca started to explore the international market and to compoete with foreign companies. Today the Rulmeca Group consists of 22 manufacturing and/or sales companies with 1100 employees and a turnover of 150 million €, now managed from the headquarters office at Rulmeca Holding S.p.A.


The acquirement of the most important quality certificates, both referring to the company and to the production processes, bear witness to the care that Rulmeca takes in every aspect of its activities. Rulmeca has a modern and unique production technology and a special sensitivity for the development of new environmentally friendly products. The most recent examples are the eco-friendly thermoplastic roller TOP and the new Interroll “save-energy” EC310 roller drives.


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