HS-Schoch and ZFE will present themselves at the ‘recycling aktiv 2017’

From 27 to 29 April 2017, at the exhibition site in Karlsruhe, HS-Schoch GmbH & Co. KG and ZFE GmbH will ­jointly provide the specialist audience with extensive information about their product portfolio. The highlight will be the presentation of a newly designed smoothing board that will be used for planning and smoothing of crushed stone areas. Due to its low design it can penetrate into the material with a lot of force and, consequently, smooth the areas quickly and precisely. With two blades arranged opposite each other it is possible to plane or smooth, respectively, forward and backward with the equal efficiency. The smoothing board has a working width of 3 m, which can even be widened by means of a segment. Two hydraulic cylinders make it possible to swivel it up to 45° on both sides. The basic body consists of Hardox and is very wear-resistant. 


Another highlight of the fair will be the ripping shovel. Due to its special shovel geometry it is able to develop maximum ripping forces thus rendering superfluous the use of a ripper tooth or hydraulic hammers. A novelty in our range of products will be a latticed shovel with transverse struts of Hardox 400 round material of 40 and 60 mm, respectively. Essentially less material will tilt at the round struts and, consequently, the throughput will be correspondingly increased.

Freigelände/Outdoor area, R224



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