Shovels of the series 1.0 made by ZFE

The attachment manufacturer ZFE has been a member of the HS-Schoch Group since the end of 2013. After one year of consolidation, the company is at the starting gates with new products. They began with a series of mini shovels, which were presented to the general public at the Nuremburg GalaBau for the first time (Fig.). Now the South German shovel forge will add shovels for the compact class. “The designation ‘series 1.0’ was chosen deliberately. In this way, we want to underline again that it is a new start”, explained Hermann Schoch.

The engineers from ZFE have developed a great number of technical innovations in the first year of the membership in the HS-Schoch Group. All of them have been implemented in the series 1.0. Special features of the new generation of shovels from ZFE are a better penetration behaviour and a very good filling and discharging behaviour. The result of months of development work is an increase of the handling capacity of more than 10 % related to 1 litre of diesel fuel. The deep-cut side wings result in a low digging resistance and reduce the energy consumption of the excavator. A bent-off upper cover sheet and the additional inside edge ensure a higher stiffness and permit a lower height of design with the same charge. Consequently, the shovels have a higher tearing force as opposed to conventional designs. So as to ensure the optimum penetration behaviour, the shovels of the series 1.0 are available with cutting edge or tooth systems from MTG, ESCO or CAT, or they are designed according to individual customer specifications.

A careful choice of materials, e.g. the use of high-strength steel for all points susceptible to wear and shock, as well as minimum manufacturing tolerances ensure a long service life and result in more rugged shovels. The use of Borox blade steel also contributes to this effect. Due to their special heat treatment, Borox blades convince with their excellent wear resistance and fracture strength. The new compact shovels of the series 1.0 were presented at the INTERMAT in Paris.


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