Komptech screening machines – ideal for minerals

W hether excavated earth, sand, gravel, C&D waste or topsoil, Komptech drum screens can be used for these difficult materials without problems. Based on its long experience, this Austrian-German company offers screening solutions with compelling benefits for mineral materials. Those who associate the traditional green colour of Komptech machines only with “green materials” like biomass, wood, green cuttings and organics, are missing a major area of application - the company’s green drum screens are also excellent for screening heavy materials like stones, earth, soil and C&D recyclables.


Special requirements

Although the conditions of use may seem similar, the sand and gravel industries and C&D recycling have some special requirements. These often include difficult terrain and soft ground that demand very high stability from mobile drum screens.


And the screens have to be mobile, since users need flexible handling and the ability to work at different sites. The input materials can vary widely as well, from cable sand to fill material to topsoil to recycling granulate. This demands a sturdy frame, robust discharge conveyors, and a drum that is not bothered by falling stones. Naturally, the screen output has to be of the right quality. This is especially critical with sticky or clayey feedstocks. These can clog the screen drum or cake between the drum and the side walls.


All drum screens are not created equal

Komptech has a very wide range of drum screens. The Nemus 2700 is an advanced mobile machine that can handle the mineral screening very well. 

It has a tough chassis with non-warping frame, and massive hydraulic support feet that keep it steady on uneven ground. The folding hopper grate keeps massive contraries out. The hopper belt control prevents belt tilting, and screen drums with up to 10 mm thick walls give long service. Screw-in studs in the oversize conveyor and controllable belt speed keep stones from rolling back.


Flexibility is designed in - the side wall can be folded up separately or together with the drum for quick drum changes and cleaning. A further benefit is that no tools are needed for drum change. The large clearance to the side walls largely eliminates caking, and also allows processing of a wide range of materials with drum holes up to 100 mm. And last but not least, Komptech makes it easy for existing drum screen users to switch to the Nemus. The Nemus 2700 takes Mustang drums, as well as drums from the competing Doppstadt SM 620 screener.


Drums designed specifically for sometimes very heavy feedstocks, special cleaning brushes, simplified radiator cleaning and easier belt replacement make the very robust Komptech drum screens highly practical machines that have proven their ability to handle mineral screening tasks at difficult sites.




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