Naltec spray cannons: New dimension of atomized water

The superfine water droplets, which are capable of floating, are generated by Naltec spray cannons from B + W, the Bottrop-based Society for Innovative Products, with a low energy consumption using a low-pressure system (operating pressure of 10 bar). The finest atomizing makes it possible to use an economic water consumption. This leads to reduced energy and operating costs. According to the manufacturer’s information, the maintenance expense tends towards zero due to the design, and the mobile and stationary setup takes into account the local conditions very flexibly. The commissioning requires just a few easy moves. Efficient fans blow the finest atomized water over long distances. A general atomizing, i.e. the wetting of a wide area, is possible due to the swivelling of up to 350 degrees (Fig.).

For the time being, the series comprises seven alternatives that are able to achieve ranges of throw of the mist flow of 15 to 200 m during calm. It goes without saying that the water consumption will grow analogously, thus enabling individual results in a carefully controlled way. Naltec spray cannons are particularly rugged and efficient, what is evident already with the basic equipment consisting of all the necessary devices, i.e. a fan including diffuser, a nozzle ring of special steel, a frame with pivot drive, a pump including filter as well as a control system with protection against dry running. Other accessories meet individual requirements, such as a three-wheel running gear, remote control, trailer, water tank or a generating set. The latter component makes the Naltec spray cannon independent of water and power connections. The trailer makes it possible that it can be used at any location. 



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